In House Program - Overview

Philadelphia Soccer Club

In-House Training Program

Welcome to the Philadelphia Soccer Club In-House Training Program. Our program is designed to introduce the game of soccer to boys and girls ages 3 – 9 years old in a fun and challenging environment.

Goal of the Program for the Players

·         Have Fun

·         Stress Free

·         Learn to Listen, Pay Attention and Follow Direction

·         Build Confidence with a ball at their feet

·          Love the game

Goal of the Program for the Parents

·         Have Fun

·         Stay Positive

·         Be Encouraging

·         Support the Goals of the Program

Players who participate in the PSC In-House Program will be encouraged to have confidence with a ball at their feet. Meaning it’s ok, not to pass the ball! Dribbling is the most important skill that a soccer player needs to be successful on the field of play. We introduce this skill in this program and promote players being creative and trying different things.

Trainers will focus on basic areas each week to promote confidence on the ball.

·         Toe Taps

·         Bells

·         Little Touches

·         Step and Roll

·         Turns

Please enjoy the experience in the PSC In-House Program. We look forward to help building your son/daughters love for the game.


Bill O’Neill

Technical Director

Philadelphia Soccer Club