PSC Coppa Mission Statement

Philadelphia Soccer Club Coppa Program is designed to give serious premier soccer players in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area a chance todevelop their technical and tactical skills while giving them the ability to compete at the highest levels in the sport of soccer. Players will be given the opportunity to gain exposure at the State, Regional and National levels. Teams will be managed and coached in a professional atmosphere.

PSC Coppa Program
*The Coppa Program will consist of 1 team in each age group from U9 through U23 for both male and female players. 2 teams will be allowed in an age group with approval from the Coppa Director,
Technical Director and Director of Coaching.
*Teams can be dual register with USYSA and US Club Soccer
*All Coppa teams will have open tryouts complete by May 15th, if competing in the fall season. Teams competing during the winter season will have the tryouts completed by November 15th. All age groups of U18 and above will be allowed to have tryouts in the spring for State Cup Competitions.


PSC Coppa Coaching Requirements
*Coaches will follow all PSC Guidelines and Bylaws.
*Coaches will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times both on and off the field.
*Coaches will treat referees, opposing coaches, parents and players with respect at all times.
*All coaches/trainers will be licensed by an official soccer coaching organization. All coaches must be approved by the Coppa Director, Technical Director and Director of Coaching.
*Coach will ensure that team conducts themselves in a positive professional manner at all times.

PSC Coppa Player Expectations

*Players are expected to show positive attitudes, and to follow directions given by coaches. The coaches will not permit whining, grumbling, horseplay, or other disruptive acts during games or practices.
*Players must show courtesy towards teammates at all times. Coaches will not permit name-calling, teasing, bullying, criticizing or other acts designed to degrade players or cause injury.
*Players are expected to perform to the best of their abilities in the classroom. Good performance in the classroom will put you in a better position for achieving your goals on the soccer field.
*During games, players are to show discipline and courtesy to opponents and referees. The decision of the referee is final.
*Failure to follow team rules and abide by the Player Agreement may result in appropriate discipline, including reduced playing time. For severe, uncorrected issues, players could be asked to leave the team after a thorough review from the PSC Board of Directors.

PSC Coppa Parent Expectations

*Please have players at practice 15 minutes prior to the start.
*If a player is going to miss practice, you must let the coach know 2 hours prior to the start of practice.
*Parents need to show courtesy to all players, coaches and other player’s parents. Parents need to avoid voicing their opinion in a negative fashion that might offend others on the team. Any questions or concerns about the team can be brought to the PSC Board of Directors.
*Parents need to conduct themselves in a professional manner, which means avoiding taunting and arguing with referees, players, coaches, tournament officials and other parents. All communication must be positive.
*Parents must avoid giving coaching instructions or criticizing your player at practice or game.
*If player plays on a Coppa team whose coach is receiving compensation to coach the team, payments must be made on time. If for any reason there is a hardship, each situation will be reviewed by the PSC Board of Directors for consideration.

*Failure to follow team rules and abide by the Parent Agreement may result in appropriate discipline, including reduced playing time or suspension for their son/daughter. For severe, uncorrected or continuous issues, players may be asked to leave the team after a thorough review from the PSC Board of Directors.